Standardized Direct Observation Tool

The SDOT is a tool developed by CORD to assess and evaluate residents based on the Core Competencies as defined by the ACGME.  They are: Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Professionalism, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Practice-Based Learning, and Systems-Based Practice.  Besides providing an assessment tool related to the Core Competencies, the SDOT has anchors for each of the possible scores for each question- NI (Needs Improvement), ME (Meets Expectations), and AE (Above Expectations).  These anchors can be downloaded below.  They provide an excellent example of modeling behavior for each of the questions within the SDOT.

The SDOT is based on a direct observation of the resident by a faculty member.  In this module the completed paper SDOT form is input into the system by the residency.  The score averages as well as individual evaluations can be reviewed by signing into "For Residents," or "For Residencies," depending on who is accessing the scores.  The time period for score calculation can be set, coinciding with six month residency evaluations.

For further instruction on the SDOT, go to SDOT Instructions.

The SDOT Form        The SDOT Anchors