About Using CORDTests for Procedure Competency

Procedural competency is a significant issue in resident education.  Competency can be defined and assessed in various ways, including through procedure performance observation, demonstration of satisfactory medical knowledge of the procedure, as well as sheer numbers of procedures performed.  Each residency is able to define for itself how they will teach and assess procedural competency.  This website now provides tools that may be used by any residency or resident to demonstrate evidence of procedural competency.

 CORD is providing specific procedure tests, procedure checkoff forms for selected key procedures.  One residency's process for procedural competency might be:

1. The resident reads material related to specific procedures. (knowledge acquisition)

2. The resident takes the online test for a specific procedure. (Demonstration of cognitive understanding)

3. The resident performs 2 or more procedures under direct supervision, with the associated checkoff sheet completed for each. (direct observation of competency)

4. The resident performs the procedure under supervision, accumulating procedure completions. (proficiency)

The tests currently available:

Arthrocentesis    Central Lines    Chest Tubes    Lumbar Puncture    Conscious Sedation    Intubation

The Procedure Checkoff sheets available:

Central Lines    Chest Tubes    Lumbar Puncture    Conscious Sedation    Intubation    Arthrocentesis

More tests will be added as available, as well as references, online videos, etc.

Many thanks to Nicholas Shundry in the development of the tests used for the specific procedures.