Residency SDOT Instructions

1. This module is intended for the residency office to input COMPLETED SDOT forms, not for the individual faculty to complete them.  In most programs the faculty completes the paper SDOT in front of the resident towards the end of a shift.

2. To get to the SDOT screen, click on "For Residencies."  Enter in your residency ID/Login.  Then click on SDOT.

3. To enter in a new SDOT, click on "New SDOT."  Then select the faculty member, the resident, and date of evaluation.  You must have entered in your individual faculty members into the system for them to be listed in this pull down menu.  (See Residency Setup Instructions)  Click on "Complete Evaluation" and you are taken to the SDOT screen.  You must enter in time spent, number of patients observed, and patient complaint for the SDOT to be able to be saved.  Once completed, save the form.

4. To review SDOT scores, click on "Review Scores."  Choose the date range, and then the resident.  You are taken to a screen in which the resident's Core Competency averages are calculated, along with the number of SDOT forms completed, and who evaluated.

5. To review SDOT forms, click on "Review SDOT Forms" and then choose the date range and the resident.  You can then review/edit an individual SDOT.