2016-2017 Edition

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This website is maintained by efforts of residencies across the country.  It is based on a 2065 question bank, periodically edited and updated.

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TMS Sample Test

Practice Tests

An ID and Password is required.  Your score will be reported only to you if you have a valid email address in the system (you can correct your email address by clicking on "For Residents"), along with the complete test including correct answer rationale.  You may see whether your answer response is correct by clicking on "Grade" in the lower portion of each question screen.  For more information, see "Practice Tests Info."

Abdominal/GI (21 questions) HEENT (21) Psychobehavioral (32)
Administration (27) Hematology (23) Renal/GU (21)
Cardiovascular(31) Immunology (16) Research (18)
Clinical Pharm (30) Infectious Diseases (19) Respiratory (34)  
Cutaneous (23) Musculoskeletal (21) Toxicology (50)
Endocrinology (20) Neurology (23) Trauma Test (32)
Environmental (22) OB (21) Urogenital (22)
EMS (26) Pediatrics (40)  
Hand (20) Procedures (25)  

Scored Tests

An ID and Password is required.  You will not receive any feedback about your test result or score.  Your residency will be emailed your test score and complete test, including correct answer rationale.  For more information, see "Scored Tests Info."  Scored tests have been developed with an overall expected score across all year levels of 70%.

Abdominal/GI (20 questions) Endocrinology (20) Musculoskeletal (26) Research (20)
Administration (25) Environmental (20) Neurology (20) Respiratory (30)
Anesthesia (20) Elder Care (25) OB/GYN (20) Sexual Assault/DV (25)
Cardiovascular (30) Hand (20) Pediatrics (40) Toxicology (40)
Clinical Pharm (30) HEENT (25) Peripheral Vascular Disease Trauma (33)
Cutaneous (25) Hematology (25) Procedures (25) Ultrasound (11)
EKG (10) Immunology (20) Psychobehavioral (25) Urogenital (25)
EMS (25) Infectious Diseases (20) Renal/GU (20) 85 Question Exam


The SDOT is the standardized direct observation tool developed by CORD.  If desired by an individual residency, completed SDOTs can be input with core competency averages calculated.  See instructions under "SDOT."

Procedure Competency

If a residency desires, CORDTests.org can be used to assess procedural competency by attesting to the number of checkoff sheets completed for high risk procedures, individual tests for each procedure, and competency assessment.    Procedure tests available:

Arthrocentesis    Central Lines    Chest Tubes    Lumbar Puncture    Conscious Sedation    Intubation


Contact Information: administrator@cordtests.org